• 01. Guy Tillim

    Guy Tillim
    Chimombo Chikwahira, Petros Village, Malawi, 2006

  • 02. Greg Marinovich

    Greg Marinovich
    The multiple fences that are designed to keep thousands of Zimbabweans and other African illegal immigrants from entering South Africa at its northern border at Beit Bridge. March 19, 2007

  • 03. Pieter Hugo

    Pieter Hugo
    Corporal Dhlamini and Corporal Ziqubu of 5SA1 Battalion patroling the border next to the Limpopo River.

  • 04. Pieter Hugo

    Pieter Hugo
    Cardboard bed in an abandoned building.

  • 05. Pieter Hugo

    Pieter Hugo
    Lawrence Kufainyore and Taimon Crukunu who cross the border from Zimbabwe once a month to beg for money in South Africa.

  • 06. Pieter Hugo

    Pieter Hugo
    Pieter and Maryna Vermeulen with Timana Phosiwa.

  • 07. Pieter Hugo

    Pieter Hugo
    Holy Communion at the Uniting Reformed Church.

  • 08. Pieter Hugo

    Pieter Hugo
    Maria, Tino, Walter and Tembi Gwanzura with their dog, Toffee.

  • 09. Jodi Bieber

    Jodi Bieber
    Operation Crackdown, Hillbrow, Johannesburg, 2001: A man is apprehended and searched by a policeman in a bar in Hillbrow. Each person searched is asked to present his or her identification documents. Hillbrow is home to many immigrants from other parts of Africa. It is an area also known for drug dealing and prostitution. Operation Crackdown formed part of an extensive police operation, which now takes place on an ongoing basis in the fight against crime in South Africa. Part of the operation was to detain illegal immigrants.

  • 10. Jodi Bieber

    Jodi Bieber
    Lindela Deportation Centre, 2001: Before immigrants are deported, all the paperwork needs to be cleared and computerised. There have been allegations of corruption by Home Affairs officials who are responsible for this side of affairs. Many immigrants claim that they can pay these officials to get out of Lindela and then their paperwork disappears. The Anti-Corruption Unit is presently looking into these allegations.

  • 11. Jodi Bieber

    Jodi Bieber
    Lindela Deportation Centre, 2001: The average stay of any immigrant in Lindela should be between 5 and 7 days at a cost to the state of ZAR24 per day. They are given two meals a day and have access to satellite television, visiting rights, a clinic offering free medical treatment, sports facilities, a games room and a library. The Human Rights commission has compared this facility to standards similar to that of a boarding school.

  • 12. Jodi Bieber

    Jodi Bieber
    Shafkop, 2001: The police captain of the train orders the immigrants to place their head in between their knees to prevent anyone from escaping. This police captain is presently being investigated after allegations by the Mail & Guardian that he had alcohol on his breath, spent the majority of the train journey in his compartment, and on the way back to South Africa, shot live rounds of ammunition from the window of the train into the distance.

  • 13. Jodi Bieber

    Jodi Bieber
    Jump, 2001: The Anti-Corruption Unit is investigating the corruption that took place on the train. A few policemen were accepting ZAR100 bribes from illegal immigrants so that they could jump off the moving train whilst still in South Africa. There are allegations by the immigrants that if they decided to change their minds, and no longer wanted to jump, it was too bad and the policemen pushed them off the train. There have been reported deaths of people that jumped off the moving train.

  • 14. David Goldblatt

    David Goldblatt
    Going to work: Workers living in a resettlement camp in the apartheid homeland of KwaNdebele queue in the bush at about 2:40 to take a bus to Pretoria on the Boekenhouthoek-Marabastad route, 1984.

  • 15. David Goldblatt

    David Goldblatt
    Going to work: Standing room only now, on the Wolwekraal-Marabastad bus. The bus is licensed to carry 62 sitting and 29 standing passengers.

  • 16. David Goldblatt

    David Goldblatt
    Going home: Having done a day’s work, commuters line up at the Marabastad terminus in Pretoria for buses to take them back to KwaNdebele. The last bus to Wolwekraal will leave at 19:00 and reach its terminus in KwaNdebele at 22:00, 1984.

  • 17. David Goldblatt

    David Goldblatt
    Going home: The last passengers in this bus will probably reach home at about 22:00 the next day. They will start the cycle again at about 02:00, 1984.

  • 18. Andrew Tshabangu

    Andrew Tshabangu
    Commissioner Street Taxi Rank, 2004.

  • 19. Andrew Tshabangu

    Andrew Tshabangu
    Naledi, Bree Street Taxi Rank, 2003.

  • 20. Andrew Tshabangu

    Andrew Tshabangu
    Inside Bree Street Taxi Rank, 2004.

  • 21. Andrew Tshabangu

    Andrew Tshabangu
    Broken window and rail lines, Mandela Bridge, 2007.

  • 22. David Southwood

    David Southwood
    N1 Highway.

  • 23. David Southwood

    David Southwood
    Truck approaching the Hugenot Tunnel, September 2007.

  • 24. David Southwood

    David Southwood
    Truck driver’s wife and his dog, Springfontein, November 2007.

  • 25. David Southwood

    David Southwood
    Cracked basin in a small gas station, Touwsrivier, January 2007.

  • 26. David Southwood

    David Southwood
    Windscreen near Phillopolis, January 2006.

  • 27. David Southwood

    David Southwood
    Subterranean petrol tank vents near Colesberg, January 2007.

  • 28. David Southwood

    David Southwood
    Cutting near the Hex River Valley, December 2007.

  • 29. Amaize Ojeikere

    Amaize Ojeikere
    The sky and the earth beneath series.

  • 30.
    Amaize Ojeikere
    The sky and the earth beneath series.


Eight leading photographers capture in detail the ever-changing patterns of African migration