About Snapped

Snapped is an important quarterly magazine showcasing thoughtfully selected photography from the African continent by leading and emerging photographers. Emphasizing visual content within an evolving format, each issue features a themed portfolio, current news photo essays by outstanding photojournalists, and in-depth interviews with selected photographers. Also included are profiles, technology reviews, previews, and listings of events, books, exhibitions, etc. Produced in adherence with the high standards associated with Bell-Roberts publications, Snapped is available at leading bookstores, and selected outlets nationally. Both international and national subscriptions may be purchased.

Editor-in-Chief & Publisher
Brendon Bell-Roberts

Sean O’Toole
Tau Tavengwa

Laura Malan
Tau Tavengwa

LSM: 7-10
Frequency: Quarterly
Cover Price: R50.00
Format: 170 x 210 mm
Distribution: Leading bookstores nationwide and local/international subscriptions

Snapped 03 Contributors

Federica Angelucci
Araminta de Clermont (Images Courtesy of photographer and João Ferreira Gallery)
Pieter Hugo (Images Courtesy of photographer and Michael Stevenson Gallery)
Roger Jardine (Images Courtesy of photographer)
Dawit L. Petros (Images Courtesy of photographer and Alexander Gray Associates, New York, NY)
Jamel Shabazz (Images Courtesy of photographer)
Michael Wyeth (Images Courtesy of photographer)