Andrew Esiebo

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Born in Lagos in 1978 Andrew Esiebo discovered photography after receiving a camera as a gift. Through practise and correspondence tutelage from the US based photographer Paul Udstrand he developed a sensitive eye. Esiebo works primarily as a documentarian having produced over the years a comprehensive body of work depicting urban life in Nigeria. Paying attention to the social tensions produced by development, enduring poverty and cultural idiosyncracies Esiebo engages the viewer in a variety of powerful positions. A member of the Depth of Field Collective, Esiebo’s work has been featured in numerous international publications including Photoblogs Magazine (USA), Voicework (Australia) and the UN Global Report on Human Settlements as well as being exhibited in shows such as Meeting in the Middle East (Syria) and the Noordelicht Photography Festival 2007.

He lives and works in Lagos.