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Bass Culture

Michael Wyeth

Located at 88 Shortmarket Street, The Base was a popular mixed-race nightclub and live music venue right in the heart of apartheid-era Cape Town. No wonder the cops didn’t like it.

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Body of Knowledge

Araminta de Clermont

A record of one photographer’s dogged pursuit and respectful encounter with former prisoners living in Cape Town’s “hidden places” – homeless shelters, derelict tenements, bus stations and township shebeens.

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Family Portrait

Roger Jardine

In a style both restrained and unadorned, the photographer introduces some of the players in a musical story from and about Durban, a city of unusual talent and deep-seated ennui.

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Zulu Nation

Jamel Shabazz

From the archive of one of hip hop’s earliest chroniclers, a visual diary of the streets of New York City during the 1970s and 80s, a halcyon period before the scourge of crack.