• 01. Fataar Family

    Fataar Family, 2008

  • 02. Roly Struckmeyer

    Roly Struckmeyer, 2008

  • 03. Ross Turpin

    Ross Turpin, 2008

  • 04. Eva Jackson

    Eva Jackson, 2008

  • 05. Nathan Redpath

    Nathan Redpath, 2008

  • 06. Steve Fataar

    Steve Fataar, 2008

  • 07. Syd Kitchen

    Syd Kitchen, 2008

  • 08. Clown

    Clown, 2008

  • 09. Superhero

    Superhero, 2008

Family Portraitx

Roger Jardine

In a style both restrained and unadorned, the photographer introduces some of the players in a musical story from and about Durban, a city of unusual talent and deep-seated ennui.

About Roger Jardine: Born in Johannesburg (1971), Jardine is a self-taught photographer and graphic designer. After completing his studies in photolithography, with a trade apprenticeship in printing, he worked for a variety of advertising agencies and design studios before settling, in 2002, at disturbance, a Durban-based studio where he is now a partner. His large photographic archive, much of it unpublished, evidences a common interest in portraiture. A recent collaborative project, Along the Way (2008), documents inhabitants living along a culturally diverse walking route that starts in Cato Manor and journeys to the harbour via Warwick Triangle, a busy transit area. The body of work shown here is excerpted from an ongoing series of photographs focussing on Durban’s musical and artistic community. Roger Jardine lives and works in Durban.